Sudan Summoned Ethiopia’s Ambassador Over 29 Bodies Found in River

KHARTOUM – Sudan summoned Ethiopia’s ambassador to Khartoum to inform him that 29 corpses found on the banks of a river abutting Ethiopia were those of Ethiopian citizens from the Tigray ethnic group, Sudan’s Foreign Ministry said. It said in a statement late on Tuesday that the ambassador had been summoned on August 30 and […]

Tigray Forces Deny Reports of Mass Killings in Amhara

Rebel forces from Ethiopia’s Tigray region denied reports Wednesday that they had killed dozens of civilians over a two-day period in the Amhara area. The Reuters news agency reported Wednesday that regional authorities said 120 civilians were killed between September 1 and 2. Local officials told Reuters that they had recovered bodies which appeared to […]

Gov’t in Sudan Should Refrain from Destructive Acts against Ethiopia, Says Expert

The Government of Sudan should refrain from sowing seeds of discord in Ethiopia and ensure the continuity of the peaceful and strong collaboration between the two countries, Ethio-Sudan Relations expert Ibrahim Shaddad said. The Government of Sudan has occupied Ethiopian territory and refused to respect the status quo ante and resume negotiation with a view […]

EATA Working to Compensate for Agricultural Production Gap in Parts of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (EATA) said it is working to compensate for the production gap that could follow the instabilities in Tigry Region, Northern and Eastern parts of Amhara Region as well as Northern Afar Region. Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency Director-General, Mandefero Negusse told ENA that transportation of agricultural inputs this harvesting season as well […]

Some 3 Billion Birr Raised to in Support of ENDF

Ethiopians have so far raised some 3 billion Birr to support the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in its effort to fight against the terrorist TPLF, according to Ministry of Defense. The Minister, Dr. Kenea Yadeta said in a press briefing today that Ethiopians across the nation including the Diaspora community have been actively mobilizing […]

Safaricom to Begin Operation in Ethiopia Next Year

Chief Executive Officer of Safaricom PLC., Peter Ndegwa has reiterated the commitment of his company to commence its operation as per the licensing agreement for commercial launch in 2022, according to Ministry of Finance. Finance Minister Ahmed Shide and a Safaricom delegation led by CEO Peter Ndegwa held discussion today. Safaricom Ethiopia delegation provided updates […]

National Bank Introduces Tight Monetary Policy

National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has introduced a contractionary monetary policy that would be effective as of today. A contractionary monetary policy increases interest rates in order to slow the growth of the money supply and bring down inflation. This can slow economic growth and even increase unemployment but is often seen as necessary to […]