Safaricom Telecom Ethiopia Gears Up for Commercial Launch


Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc is making preparations for commercial launch as it plans to invest 8.5 billion USD over the coming 10 years and contribute to digital Ethiopia objectives.

Briefing the media today, Safaricom Plc Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndegwa said the Global Partnership Consortium for Ethiopia is proud to invest in Ethiopia.

The CEO thanked the Government of Ethiopia and other key partners for their support in the initial preparation for commercial launch.

“Such partnerships are the building blocks of digital transformation, and I would like thank all our partners for their support as we work towards enabling our commercial launch and contribution to digital Ethiopia as a purpose-led technology company,” he stated.

Safaricom Ethiopia Managing Director, Anwar Moussa said on his part that the preparations for commercial launch, notably the ongoing recruitment process of Ethiopians nationals, is intentionally guided by the promise of a digital future for the people of Ethiopia.

By June next year Safaricom Ethiopia aims to build a team of 1,000 employees driven by innovation and digital solution, Anwar revealed.

Additionally, the company is set to recruit 450 graduates over the next three years into a global development program dubbed Discover Graduate Management Program.

The managing director said, “We believe young people are the key to delivering the digital Ethiopia ambitions and with our Global Discover Graduate Management Program, we will create a pool of talent of digital innovators who will grow with the business to achieve this.”

Meanwhile, Safaricom Telecommunications Plc Ethiopia has announced members of its Executive Committee (EXCO) today.

The Safaricom-led Global Partnership for Ethiopia (GPE) Consortium that won a bid to roll out telecommunications services in Ethiopia in May this year has been granted a 15-year operating license by the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA).

The consortium, which is 56 percent owned by Safaricom, has in turn registered Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc for a period of 15 years, with an option of renewal for additional 15 years.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


Israel Embassy Actively Involved in Green Legacy Initiative: Ambassador Aleligne


The Embassy of Israel in Ethiopia has been actively supporting the Green Legacy Initiative since the launching of the nationwide campaign, Israeli Ambassador Aleligne Admasu said.

Members of the embassy staff, in collaboration with Yeka Sub City planted today seedlings at the Isreal-Ethiopia Park.

Israeli Ambassador Aleligne said on the occasion that the Israeli Embassy has been actively involved in the campaign and will continue with its efforts to realize this initiative.

“We are not only planting seedlings,” the ambassador said, adding that there is a plan to make the park a fruits research institute with the collaboration of universities in Ethiopia and with  Israeli experts.

Yeka Sub City CEO, Asfaw Takle thanked the Israeli embassy for joining the Green Legacy Initiative that has been carried out in the capital city.

Collaborating with the embassy will help to bring the rich experience of Israel in fruits and vegetables production by using modern technology, he added.

Furthermore, he expressed the desire of the sub city to work closely and provide that necessary support in establishing a research institution in the park.

The seedlings planted in the Isreal-Ethiopia Park today include avocado, lemon, orange, among  others.

Launched in 2019, the Green Legacy Initiative is part of the government’s plan to plant 20 billion seedlings by 2024.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Nation Exempts Tax, Tariff Levied on Some Food Commodities to Control Inflation

Ministry of Finance announced that it has passed a decision to exempt tax and tariff levied on some basic food commodities in an effort to control inflation and stabilize the market in Ethiopia.

During his presser today, Finance State Minister Eyob Tekalegn told journalists that the ministry has passed a decision to exempt tax and tariff levied on imported and locally exchanged basic food commodities effective today in an effort to control the increasing inflation and stabilize the market.

The government decided to exempt the tariff and tax even though this could bring income loss to the government, he noted, adding that the decision will benefit the people.

The commodities on which tax and tariff are fully exempted are wheat, edible oil, sugar and rice.

Value added tax on egg, spaghetti and Macaroni have also been exempted, it was learned.

Citing a study, the state minister said the government will lose billions of Birr due to the decision to be implemented for unspecified duration.

According to Eyob, the government has been taking monetary, fiscal and structural measures to increase the purchasing power of the people and is committed to continue doing so whenever necessary.

Improving productivity, especially in the agriculture sector, increasing supply, checking the market system and fiscal policy decisions are among the key actions the country is focusing on to sustainably control the increasing inflation.

The government has also purchased 10 million quintals of wheat that are being transported from Djibouti.

Sugar required for the next Ethiopian year is purchased and edible oil sufficient for 2 months is under distribution to increase supply of basic food commodities and stabilize the market, the state minister reveled.

Moreover, the government has extended the Franco-Valuta License permit to import basic goods import without foreign currency for the next six months.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Associated Press Confirms Widespread Atrocities of Terrorist TPLF in Amhara Region

The Associated Press (AP) reported that more than a dozen witnesses offered the most widespread descriptions yet of TPLF striking communities and a religious site with artillery, killing civilians, looting health centers and schools and sending hundreds of thousands of people fleeing in the past two months.

Although the Government of Ethiopia declared unilateral ceasefire with a view to facilitating the smooth flow of humanitarian aid in Tigray region, the terrorist TPLF has continued with its provocative acts by expanding the conflict into the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions.

Reports revealed that the group has been committing several atrocities, including killings, rape, and looting, on civilians in the Amhara and Afar regions it invaded. Hundreds of thousands have also been displaced from their homes.

The AP, one of the international media outlets that have been silent about the grave atrocities  committed by the terrorist TPLF, has at last divulged the truth.

The Associated Press report exposed the atrocities of the group which included striking communities and a religious site with artillery, killing civilians, looting health centers and schools and sending hundreds of thousands of people fleeing in the past two months.

In the town of Nefas Mewucha in the Amhara region, a hospital’s medical equipment was smashed. The fighters looted medicines and other supplies, leaving more than a dozen patients to die, AP revealed.

“It is a lie that they are not targeting civilians and infrastructures,” hospital manager Birhanu Mulu told Associated Press. He said his team had to transfer some 400 patients elsewhere for care. “Everyone can come and witness the destruction that they caused.”

The United States, which for months has been outspoken about the abuses against the group, this week turned sharp criticism on the TPLF, AP noted.

“In Amhara now, we now know that the (the TPLF have) … looted the warehouses, they’ve looted trucks and they have caused a great deal of destruction in all the villages they have visited,” the head of the U.S. Agency for Economic Development, Sean Jones, told the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation.

Many Ethiopians have been expressing their support for the government, the news agency wrote.

“Our children are living in terror. We are here to stop this,” Mekdess Muluneh Asayehegn, a new Amhara militia recruit, said propping a gun on a full plastic sack she lay on the ground and practiced sighting.

In the town of Debre Tabor, Getasew Anteneh said he watched as the TPLF shelled and destroyed a home, killing six people.

Getasew helped carry away the dead. “I believe it was a deliberate revenge attack, and civilians are suffering.”

“I’ve witnessed with my own eyes when the (TPLF) killed one person during our journey,” Mesfin Tadesse, who fled his home in Kobo town in July, said. “His sister was pleading with them when they killed him for no reason.”

Zewditu Tikuye, who also fled Kobo, said her 57-year-old husband was killed by TPLF  fighters when he tried to stay behind to protect their home and cows. “He wasn’t armed,” she said. Now she shelters with her six children in a small house with 10 other people.

Others seek shelter in schools, sleeping in classrooms as newcomers drenched from the rainy season arrive. They squat in muddy clearings, waiting for plastic plates of the spongy injera to be handed out for the latest meal.

People in Amhara now watch in horror as the war damages religious sites in one of the world’s most ancient Christian civilizations, the news agency reported.

On Monday, the fourth-century Checheho monastery was hit by artillery fire and partially collapsed.

“This is very brutal,” said Mergeta Abraraw Meles, who works there as a cashier. He believes it was intentionally targeted by the TPLF.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Somaliland President Hold Talks


Foreign Affairs State Minister Redwan Hussein held discussion with the President Musa Bihi Abdi of Somaliland on ways of strengthening cultural exchanges and enhancing people-to-people relations to the next level.

The two sides further exchanged views about security and immigration issues at border areas.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Affairs State Minister Redwan Hussein arrived yesterday in Somaliland for a two-day official visit.

The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Liban Yusuf, and diplomats warmly welcomed him upon his arrival at Egal International Airport.

During the discussion with the acting foreign minister, the two sides deliberated on ways of    resuming immigration services by respecting COVD-19 Protocols at the Wuchale border.

The state minister also met high officials of Somaliland and visited the Berbera Port corridor.

During his discussion with the Governor of Sahil Region, Ahmed Osman, and the Mayor of Berbera, Abdishakur Mohamud, Redwan noted the potential of Somaliland as a destination for Ethiopian export products.

He said Ethiopia needs to maximize these economic ties to the highest level by expanding engagements in investment and tourism, while utilizing the Berbera Port corridor.


Source: Ethiopia News Agency


TPLF Sacrificing Entire Youth Generation of Tigray for Terror Ambitions: Vision Tegaru Movement Chair

The terrorist TPLF is sacrificing children and the entire generation of Tigray by sending influx of human waves in its invasion of Afar and Amhara regional states, Vision Tegaru Ethiopians Movement Chairperson revealed.

 In an exclusive interview with ENA, Lilay Hailemariam said the terrorist group is depriving Tigrayan mothers their children while they pursue their destructive and futile ambitions.

The chairperson noted that the terrorist TPLF has invaded Amhara and Afar regions with influx of child soldiers instead of reciprocating to the unilateral ceasefire the government had declared last June to allow a smooth flow of humanitarian aid to Tigray region.

According to the chairperson, the terrorist TPLF had sent 500,000 civilian fighters for human wave attack including farmers, women and children in the first round of its belligerent acts into the Amhara and Afar regions.

The evil deeds of recruiting child soldiers and sacrificing an entire youth generation would deprive Tigrayan mothers their children, Lilay noted.

The chairperson blamed officials who are currently leading the TPLF war for repeating the atrocities and crimes they had been committing during the 17 years of the armed struggle and the Ethio-Eritrea war.

He noted that most of the leaders of the terrorist group do not have the knowhow of military  strategy.

Lilay said some of them, including the former General Tsadikan Gebretensae, had been evaluated as incapable of military leadership during Ethio-Eritrea war and dismissed.

The chairperson revealed that more than half of their combatants were destroyed at the Guna Mountain front in South Gondar Zone of Amhara region.

He disclosed that almost all of the top leaders of the terrorist group came from the same area of Adwa province in Tigray region.

They do not care for the people of Tigray, but their own interests, Lilay stated.

The terrorist TPLF has been sending waves after waves of human beings in the ongoing war, the chair said, adding that the evil leaders also deploy 16 and 17 years old children that carry grenades to rush blindly into fortresses.



Source: Ethiopia News Agency