FAO focuses on strengthening One Health preparedness and response capacity and capabilities in Africa

National One Health platforms discuss about lessons learnt and best practices on the operationalization of the Joint Risk Assessment tool during a two-day meeting 8 July 2021–Health challenges at the human-animal-environment interface, such as zoonotic diseases (for example, avian influenza, rabies, Ebola, and Rift Valley fever) as well as food-borne diseases and antimicrobial resistance account […]

African Development Bank, partners, renew commitment to end child stunting in Africa

Urging unity and action to accelerate nutrition targets amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, representatives of the African Development Bank, the Aliko Dangote Foundation and Big Win Philanthropy renewed their commitment to end child stunting and other forms of malnutrition through the Banking on Nutrition Partnership. The partners convened during a high-level panel discussion held on 8 […]

Desert Locust: Current upsurge (2019–2021), 15 Jul 2021

2018 Cyclones in May and October brought heavy rains that gave rise to favourable breeding conditions in the Empty Quarter of the southern Arabian Peninsula for at least nine months since June. As a result, three generations of breeding occurred that was undetected and not controlled. 2019 JANUARY: the first swarms left the Empty Quarter […]

Response Capacities Stretched with Hasty Return of 40,000 Ethiopian Migrants

Ethiopia – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is urgently appealing for funds to respond to the needs of 40,000 Ethiopian migrants returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Over 30,000 have arrived in Ethiopia over the last two weeks, at the rate of over 2,600 people a day. More than 20,400 (68 per cent) […]

Desert Locust situation update 15 July 2021

SWARMS CONTINUE IN NORTHEAST ETHIOPIA OVERVIEW. Important Desert Locust infestations persist in the Horn of Africa where intensive aerial control operations are continuing against immature swarms in northwest Somalia and, to a lesser extent, in northeast Ethiopia where a few swarms are present along the eastern escarpment of the northern highlands in eastern Amhara and […]

Ethiopia: Communities in Tigray hit hard by growing food and fuel prices

Commercial activity in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is hampered by the ongoing crisis that began with fighting nine months ago. Over the last two weeks, since commercial traffic ground to a halt, food prices are skyrocketing. Banks throughout the region are now closed, and people are running out of cash to cover basic needs. […]

Ethiopia: Vigil InSight Situation Report – 14 July 2021

The current ceasefire remains fragile, as the Ethiopian government will look to reinforce defences around Tigray, and the country’s borders, while the TDF will seek to keep fighting until at least the pre-conflict borders are restored, adding to the complexity of delivering aid. Meanwhile Oromia and Amhara regions will continue to see sporadic clashes. This […]