PM Abiy Congratulates Ethiopians Over Peaceful Conduct of Election

(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed congratulated all Ethiopians over the peaceful conduct of the 6th general election held in Ethiopia on Monday.

In his message, the PM stated that Ethiopians have demonstrated to the whole world that democracy for Ethiopians is not only a wish but also part and parcel of their history.

“This day is a great day for all Ethiopians. We have been waiting so long to hold a democratic election. Today, we have accomplished that,” the premier said in his Face-Book Message.

“We are able to successfully conduct a free and fair election by establishing an independent election board. Whoever the wins, Ethiopians have now registered a victory by actively participating in the election process freely without any pressure,”  he elaborated.

Prime Minister Abiy has also extended his appreciation to the Electoral Board of Ethiopia, Political Parties, the media, journalists, observers, civic society organizations, security forces and other pertinent actors for their contribution they have provided to the successful accomplishment of the election.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

PM Abiy Lauds Voters commitment to Peace, Democratic Process

(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed commended Ethiopians for their commitment to peace and the democratic process they have demonstrated during the election on Monday.

“June 21, 2021 is a historic day for Ethiopia,” the Prime Minister stated.

The premiers further said that all sections of society have gone out to cast their voice in the nation’s first free and fair election.

“Pictures are worth a thousand words and they show the earnestness, commitment to peace and the democratic process by our people. Ethiopia won yesterday. Ethiopia will keep on winning!” Abiy said in his face-book page this morning.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

Demeke Pays Working Visit to UAE, Leaves For Russia

(ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen has paid a working visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

During his two-day visit, Demeke  discussed with senior government officials of the UAE on various issues.

The Deputy Prime Minister has also exchanged views with government officials on ways to further strengthen bilateral relations and further enhance cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

Demeke has left for Russia after completing his mission in the United Arab Emirates.

During his working visit to Russia, Demeke is expected to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, according to Office of Deputy Prime Minister.

Furthermore, will provide briefings about the current situation in Ethiopia and discuss on ways to further strengthen the historical ties between the two countries.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

Polling Stations across Nation Posting Preliminary Vote Results

(ENA) Ballot counts have been concluded in most of polling stations in Ethiopia and preliminary results are being posted on Tuesday.

Polling stations visited by ENA reporters have been posting preliminary results based on counts of the ballots of the specific polling stations.

Polling stations in Addis Ababa, Debre Berhan, Sululta, Adama, Jimma, Bale Robe, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Mattu, and Dire Dawa,  towns are posting provisional results.

Similarly, ballot results have also been posted in polling stations in Chagni, Debre Berhan, Woldia, Wolkite, Debre Markos towns as well as Gamo, Kaffa and Wolaita zones.

Nearly 38 million people had registered to cast ballots in the 6th general election in Ethiopia in which 46 political parties and over 9, 000 candidates have contested for seats at Federal House of People’s Representatives and regional councils.

The turnout for voting day was very high on Monday in most parts of the country, it was indicated.

Closing time for the voting was extended for hours due to large crowds and other logistical predicament.

Briefing the press, Chairperson of National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Birtukan Midaksa said on Monday evening the election has been concluded peacefully without security concern in all the areas where election has taken place except logistical hurdle in some places.

Residents in the capital Addis Ababa said on Monday that they have voted hoping that the election would help enhance the nation’s democratic system.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

Police Investigating Death of American Election Observer

(ENA)  Police is investigating the cause of the death of the foreign election observer that was reportedly found dead in his room at Radisson Blu Hotel.

Addis Ababa Police Commission Public Relations, Music, Theater and Sport Director, Commander Fasika Fanta said a cleaner found him dead when she entered the room and informed the police.

The police found the American lying dead on the floor and in his pocket were found accreditation badge issued by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia  for observers, identification cards, and a driving license.

The driving license is issued by California National Driving License, according to police.

Besides, Fasika pointed out that medicines of different type were found and the cause appears to be a natural death.

“No injury or wounds was found on any part of his body,” the director stated.

The Addis Ababa Police Commission is investigating the cause of the death of the US citizen in collaboration with the Federal Police and the US Embassy in Addis Ababa, it was learned.

The deceased, John Marsh, came to observe the 6th Ethiopian General Election representing the Carter Center.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

Individuals in Afar Region Sentenced, Fined for Attempting to Disrupt Election

(ENA)   Three individuals were sentenced and fined for allegedly trying to disrupt the voting in Ewa Woreda of Fiti-Resu Zone in Afar Region, according to police.

Otherwise, the 6th General Election concluded peacefully in the region, it was learned.

Afar Region Police Commissioner General, Alidini Alesa told ENA that the individuals attempted to incite riots by acting as election observers without legal recognition or representation at a polling station in Ewa Woreda.

The culprits were then charged with attempting to disrupt the voting.

Ewa Woreda Court that heard the case subsequently sentenced the three individuals to one year each in prison and fine of 1,000 Birr.

Speaking about the 6th General Election, the commissioner general said the election concluded peacefully and thanked security forces, religious leaders, elders and other members of the community for their contributions.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency

ECA Emphasizes Criticality of Private Sector Investment to Achieve SDG 7 in Africa

(ENA)  The criticality of private sector energy generation investments in Africa to attain the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 was emphasized today at an online ministerial session on trends of energy prices in Africa.

ECA Executive Secretary, Vera Songwe noted on the occasion that investment in energy sector is critical for Africa.

She especially emphasized the need to encourage energy generation investments by the private sector and the proper management of energy pricing to stabilize price mount in many countries.

“At the ECA, we are pushing for more renewable energy investments in Africa,” Songwe pointed out, adding that COVID-19 has been a major constraint to undertake tasks.

Investment in electricity was also raised at the meeting as a critical instrument for African countries to achieve the 2030 SDG 7 target.

Reports indicate that Africa may not achieve the SDG 7 targets by 2030.

The continent is expected to generate 250GW up to 2030 and invest 40 billion USD, it was learned.

The report presented by ECA, however, stated that 24 of the African countries have less than 50 percent electricity access.

More than 600 and 900 million people in Africa have no access to electricity and clean cooking respectively, and biomass dominates energy, especially in rural areas.

Goal 7 of the SDGs aims to correct the enormous imbalance by ensuring everyone’s access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services by enhancing energy efficiency and investments in renewable energy.


Source:  Ethiopia News Agency