Elderly, People with Disabilities, Military, Police Officers Will Vote First: NEBE

(ENA) The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) urged the head of the polling station to give priority to the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, parents carrying infants, members of the military wearing uniforms, and police officers to vote first.

During the voting process, a voter who needs support when marking his/her choice on the ballot paper and insert the paper into the box, has the right to bring with him/her a caregiver whomever he/she chooses, NEBE said.

Based on these, the person chosen by the voter to provide support must be 18 or above and should not be a candidate or agent of a candidate, it added.

The person who provides assistance to a voter cannot help more than one person.

According to NEBE, if the person in need of help has not brought anyone to assist him/her in marking his/her choice on the ballot paper and insert the paper into the box, it is only the head of the polling station who can provide the assistance.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Guji, Bale Zones & Nekemte Town of Oromia Ready for General Election

(ENA) Preparations for elections in Guji and Bale zones as well as Nekemte town of Oromia Region have been finalized, according to election coordinators.

Guji Zone Election Coordination Deputy Head, Firew Bekele told ENA that election materials have been dispatched at 572 polling stations in the zone.

He added that 2,860 election officers have been deployed in the above mentioned stations while booths and tents have been set up at all polling stations.

The deputy head said alcohol, sanitizer and face masks were provided for all polling stations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the voting process.

Some 685,566 voters are registered at 572 polling stations established in four constituencies of the zone.

In related news, preparations are finalized for the 6th General Election in Nekemte town of East Wolega Zone, according to polling station coordinators.

Materials needed for the election reached the polling stations set up in the town, the coordinators said, adding that the security situation has been tightened.

In Bale Zone of same region, 552 polling stations have been set up, according to Bale Zone Election Coordination Office of the Electoral Board.

The Office Coordinator, Frdisa Garomsa, told ENA that the polling stations are waiting for the electorates to cast their votes tomorrow.

According to him, half a million persons were registered in Bale Zone to cast their ballots.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

MIND-Ethiopia Pledges to Consolidate Nat’l Dialogue After Election

(ENA) Multi-stakeholder Initiative for National Dialogue (MIND- Ethiopia) said it will conduct series of dialogues nationally on major issues of stalemates.

Speaking at a ceremony held by the initiative to express best wishes for parties competing in the 6th General election, Nigusu Akililu from MIND-Ethiopia said the initiative group has contributed a lot to national dialogue by demonstrating the possibility of narrowing down the polarized politics in the country through roundtable discussions since last year.

MIND-Ethiopia organized four grand roundtable discussions among various political parties in the country, he stated, adding that a positive and accommodative political culture is witnessed as a result.

According to him, the dialogues will be more consolidated in major identified key issues such as constitution, historical narratives, national consensus and many more during the post-election period.

In this regard, the initiative group will create a national consultative forum following the feedback it has received from various political parties and more than 20 stakeholders, he pointed out.

“After the election, we will continue to discuss various issues that our country needs to resolve. In particular, constitutional, state building, historical and narrative issues will be the top agendas of the national dialogue,” he revealed.

Chairperson of the Joint Council of Political Parties, Rahel Bafe said on her part the efforts of the government have made the pre-election peaceful and the harmonious relations being established between the parties have become a unique feature in Ethiopia’s political history.

The election on Monday is an historical moment that will direct Ethiopia into comprehensive national consensus and create legitimate government in the country.

“I believe the upcoming voting on Monday will be historic for our beloved country. It is a lucky day for Ethiopia to reaffirm its national dignity and pride at a time when the world is watching. Therefore, just as we completed the pre-election peacefully, Ethiopia is about to celebrate the post-election peaceful transition,” she noted.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government has given all the necessary for the establishment of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) and to become an independent institution that facilitates the upcoming election successfully during the last three years.

As promised by the government, it has invested more than double the cost of the last five elections in terms of finance, Abiy disclosed.

Noting that the security apparatuses of the country have made maximum preparation for a peaceful voting day, the premier said on his part that Prosperity Party is committed to welcoming the election result to be announced by NEBE.

“We will not steal the ballot box of the election as was the practice before. We will respect victorious political rivals; and I would also like to assure you that we are ready to work with you in a different way than ever before.”

The ceremony was attended by 115 political party leader representatives from 43 parties.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Election Data of Ethiopia’s General Election

( ENA) Some 46 political parties will take part in the 6th Ethiopian General Election.

The following are the general data regarding the election.

• Some 37.4 million people are registered to cast ballot.

• Some 9, 327 candidates are contesting for seats in the House of People’s Representatives and regional councils

• Among the candidates, 1,976 are women.

• The Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) has issued accreditation to 45,000 domestic and 45 local civic society organizations to observe the election.

• Other than 120 international observers, the Africa Union and the East African Standby Force will monitor the election process.

• The political parties and independent candidates are contesting tomorrow for 445 seats at the House of People’s Representatives and competition for holding the remaining 64 seats will be held on 6th September 2021.

• Out of the total 547 seats in House of People’s Representatives, 509 candidates will grab the seats at the end of the two rounds the election.

• The remaining 38 seats are left for representatives from Tigray region.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

PM Abiy Confers With National Election Security Strategic Command

(ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed convened the National Election Security Strategic Command this morning for a briefing ahead of Election Day tomorrow.

The National Election Security Strategic Command has assessed final preparedness in ensuring the citizens can go out to cast their vote peacefully.

The NISS Election Security Platform was unveiled in the central command Situation Room of the Office of the Prime Minister, highlighting election security preparedness undertaken by the security sector.

The security preparedness includes physical force deployments to all corners of the country as well as cyber security enhancements to thwart assessed threats, according to office of the Prime Minister.

The office further said satellite monitoring systems and drone technology have been deployed for reconnaissance with data sharing capabilities developed across Federal and Regional command post stations.

The premier noted this new approach and the capabilities that have been created in ensuring national security ahead of key national activities.

He said that extensive work has been undertaken to ensure that the security sector is deployed nationally as well as through the aid of technology to respond effectively to identified and emerging threats.

“I encourage all citizens to be vigilant of their surroundings as they go out to cast their vote tomorrow and also be assured that the Government has made adequate investments and preparations for a peaceful and democratic Election Day,” Abiy said on Face-Book.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Preparations Finalized to Plant 400,000 Seedlings on Election Day in Bishoftu

(ENA) Preparations are finalized to plant 400,000 tree saplings on the Election Day in Bisheftu town of Oromia regional state, according to Bishoftu town Municipality.

Bishoftu town Municipality Deputy Manager, Kebede Gonfa told ENA that adequate preparations have been made for citizens to put their finger print on the ongoing green legacy on the sidelines of the election day on Monday.

He said that 8 million seedlings readied in Bisheftu town by small and medium scale enterprises for this rainy season’s Green Legacy Program.

According to him, 400,000 seedlings and holes have been readied for the plantation to be carried out during the election day.

Some 40 percent of these seedlings will be used for food, it was indicated.

It is to be recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has recently called on the people to plant seedlings and put their green mark after casting their ballot.

Accordingly, preparations are underway to plant seedlings during the voting day across the country.

Ethiopians are also expected to plant 6 billion tree seedlings this rainy season across the country as part of the nation’s annual Green Legacy Tree Planting Campaign.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency

Polling Stations in Towns Ready for Election Day

(ENA) Polling stations in various towns have finalized preparations for the 6th General Election that takes place tomorrow.

Ambo town and the surroundings constituencies in Oromia Region have reportedly finalized preparations for the Election Day.

Ambo town Constituency 1 Election Officer, Melese Merera said all the necessary materials required for voting have been distributed to the 94 polling stations.

Similarly, Debre Birhan town of Amhara Regional State has completed its preparations for the election.

According to ENA reporters who visited the polling stations in the town, polling stations in the city are readied and the required logistics distributed.

The reporters witnessed that the settings of the polling stations are also prepared in a manner favorable for observers, the disabled, and elders.

Likewise, Goma Constituency 2 of the Jimma Zone in Oromia has finalized preparations in all the 85 polling stations.

Constituency Election Officer, Reshad Abdelkadir said the necessary preparations, including the installation of electric and tents are taken care of.

Meanwhile, NEBE Illbabor Branch Office Head, Tesfaye Anbissa said the essential logistics are being transported to all the polling stations, and security forces are working in collaboration.

According to him, the 506 polling stations under six constituencies in the zone are now ready for the election.

Source: Ethiopia News Agency