‫”TelOne زيمبابوي” تختار منصة Tejas TJ1600 DWDM/OTN من أجل توسيع سعة الشبكة

بنغالور، الهند10 مايو 2021/PRNewswire/ — أعلنت شركة Tejas Networks (في بورصة مومباي: 540595) (وفي البورصة الوطنية الهندية: TEJASNET) اليوم أن شركة TelOne -أحد أكبر كيانات الاتصالات في زيمبابوي وموفر خدمة الإنترنت الأقل تكلفة- قد نشرت حل مضاعفة تقسيم الطول الموجي الكثيف (DWDM) المتجانس 100G/100G+ من  Tejas.وتمتلك TelOne أوسع تغطية للشبكة في زيمبابوي مع اتصال عبر البلاد، مرتكزة على بنيتها التحتية الأساسية […]

China sets eyes on advanced chip production

BEIJING, May 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by China.org.cn on China sets eyes on advanced chip production. China’s semiconductor industry is speeding up its development of advanced chips as the homegrown 28 nanometer (nm) process is set to enter mass production this year, while the 14 nm process aims to follow suit next year, according […]

U.S. Special Envoy Arrives in Addis Ababa

U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman has arrived in Addis Ababa on Sunday for an official visit to Ethiopia. The visit of the Special Envoy to Ethiopia is part of his travel to Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea that begun on May 4, 2021. The Envoy today met with Minister of Water, […]

Ethiopia, ADB Sign 31 Million USD Grant Agreement to Help End Undernutrition

African Development Bank (ADB) and Ministry of Finance have signed over a 31-million-USD grant agreement to support the efforts to end stunting and child malnutrition of children in the country. Finance State Minister Yasmin Wohabrebbi and ADB East Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office Deputy Director-General Abdu B. Kamara inked the agreement today. The […]

Ethiopian Prof. Designated as 2021 Recipient of José Cuatrecasas Medal for Excellence in Tropical Botany

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has awarded Ethiopian Academy of Science (EAS) Founding Fellow Professor Sebsebe Demissew, the 2021 the José Cuatrecasas Medal for Excellence in Tropical Botany. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s Department of Botany presents this medal to a botanist and scholar of international stature who has contributed significantly […]

President Delivers Food Items to Needies in Celebration of Eid Eid al-Fitr

President Sahle-Work Zewde has delivered food items to Muslim families and community members in need in celebration of the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, according to office of the president. Handing over  the support, she emphasized the need to support one another and ensure that solidarity and generosity are part of our culture. The President delivered […]