Adi Remetse, Kafta Humera Towns Return to Normalcy

November -Residents of Adi Remtse and Kafta Humera said they have started normal activities after the government freed the areas from the control of the TPLF junta.   According to a reporter of the Ethiopian News Agency who had been in the towns, residents are carrying out their day-to-day activities as usual.   Hotels, restaurants […]

TPLF Weapons Hidden in Premises of Church Discovered

Weapons hidden by the TPLF junta in the premises of a church in Wajerat Woreda of Tigray Regional State have been discovered.   Residents of the area disclosed that services at St. Michael Mofqa Church have been disrupted since November 16, 2020, following the attack of the TPLF junta on the army using heavy weapons […]

Commission Transporting Humanitarian Assistance to Areas Freed from TPLF Junta

Addis Ababa, November The National Disaster Risk Management Commission told ENA that it has transported additional humanitarian assistance to areas liberated from the TPLF junta today.   The assistance is an extension of the initial supplies of food, medicine, clean water, and non-food items transported to areas under the control of the government forces to […]

PM Abiy Declares Ethiopian Army Entered Mekelle City

Addis Ababa, November Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the Ethiopian National Defense Force has Entered Tigray’s regional capital Mekelle today.   According to him, the people of Tigray have proved in practice that they are not with the greedy junta.   The people of Tigray have shown their love for their country and their […]

Common Misrepresentations of Ethiopia’s Law Enforcement Operation Explained

Addis Ababa, November State of Emergency Fact Check released today the common misrepresentations of Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State.   Misrepresentation#1: Ethiopia is embroiled in brutal civil war.   Ethiopia is not embroiled in a brutal civil war; it is undertaking a law enforcement operation that will salvage the nation from descending into […]

Nat’l Defense Force Frees More Than 7,000 Army, Police Hostages

Addis Ababa, The Ethiopian National Defense Force has freed more than 7,000 members of the Northern Command taken as hostages by the TPLF group today, National Defense Force Chief of Staff General Birhanu Jula disclosed.   The defense force which has taken control of Mekelle, the capital of Tigray Regional State, has also been hunting […]

TPLF Junta Committed Grave Massacre in Maikadra: Federal Police

Addis Ababa,Federal Police disclosed today that a grave massacre was committed by the TPLF Junta in the town of Maikadra, located in western Tigray region.   The massacre was premeditated and carefully coordinated to kill innocent people who were daily laborers in the area, Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Zelalem Mengstu revealed just upon his return […]