Summary of Efforts Reconciliation with TPLF

Brief Illustrative Summary of Efforts to Reconcile with TPLF After taking office on April 2, 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasized the need for the Tigray region and its leadership to continue to focus on peace and development, and extended a hand to TPLF to work together in this endeavor in a spirit of love, […]

TPLF Operatives Infiltrating Refugees in Sudan to Misinform Media

Addis Ababa  (ENA) TPLF operatives have infiltrated refugees fleeing into Sudan to carry out missions of disinformation, State of Emergency Fact check disclosed. “We have received credible intelligence that TPLF operatives have infiltrated refugees fleeing into Sudan to carry out missions of disinformation,’’ it said. Emergency Fact check urged “we caution international media entities and international […]

TPLF Assault on Army Immoral, Criminal, Says Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya

Addis Ababa  (ENA) The attack on the Northern Command of the National Defense Force is a crime against the sovereignty of the country, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya said. In an interview with ENA, Ambassador Meles Alem said TPLF’s attack on national army is  assault on the country. ”Such atrocities against our compatriots who promote unity […]

Sister of High-ranking TPLF Junta Member Urges Leaders to Surrender

Addis Ababa  (ENA) A sister of the high-ranking leader and spokesperson of the TPLF, Getachew Reda, has urged leaders of the junta to surrender as per the ultimatum issued by the Government of Ethiopia in order to spare the people of Tigray. Senior Constable Tigist Reda told ENA that leaders of the TPLF junta are dragging […]

Human Rights Organizations, Commission Call on Media to Give Due Attention to Rights Violations

Addis Ababa  (ENA) Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission have called on the media to give due attention to human rights violation in the country. A half-day workshop aimed at enhancing collaboration between human rights organizations and media houses was held today. On the occasion, Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations […]