Amnesty Reveals Massacre in Maikadra, Tigray State

Addis Ababa-Amnesty International said it confirmed that scores, and likely hundreds, of people were stabbed or hacked to death in Mai-Kadra town in the South West Zone of Tigray Region on the night of 9 November. Amnesty said it “examined and digitally verified gruesome photographs and videos of bodies strewn across the town or being […]

Foreign Minister Demeke Briefs Resident Diplomats on Current Situation

Addis Ababa-Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen, said the ongoing operation in Tigray State is neither a civil war nor an armed conflict, rather a move to maintain rule of law and constitutional order. While briefing resident diplomats in Addis Ababa on November 13 on the current situation in the country, […]

Rocket Fired towards Bahir Dar, Gondar Cities

Addis Ababa- In the late hours of November 13, 2020, a rocket was fired towards Bahir Dar and Gondar cities, according to Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check. As a result, the airport areas have sustained damages, it was indicated. “The TPLF junta is repairing and utilizing the last of the weaponry within its arsenals. This […]

The Ongoing Law Enforcement Operations in Tigray: Causes and Objectives

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER :- Causes of the Ongoing Law Enforcement Operations: What makes the Law Enforcement Operation directed against the extreme elements of the TPLF clique just and necessary? The examination of the justness of any law enforcement operation rests on two basic principles: (1) the rationale for […]

Artists Task Force to Launch Events that Support Nat’l Defense Force

Addis Ababa-Ethiopian Artists Task force announced that it has finalized preparations to play its responsibility of supporting the National Defense Force law enforcement operation underway in Tigray Region through various events. Briefing journalists today, Ethiopian Artists Task force Chairperson Tesfaye Mamo said the task force has finalized preparations to organize national programs honoring the National […]

Top Official of TPLF Admits Attacking Northern Command

Addis Ababa-Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) junta has officially admitted that it attacked the Northern Command of Ethiopian National Defense Force in the Tigray Region. The Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check said if there were any iota of doubt left on the malicious attack perpetrated by TPLF on our National Defense Forces, reading the English transcript of […]

The Deceptive TPLF Junta

Addis Ababa-Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on the public to actively participate in the event to be held under the theme “I Stand for the Honor of Our National Defense Force” as part of supporting the law enforcement operation underway in Tigray Region. He wrote on his Facebook page: ”I have accepted the open […]

Members of Al-Shabaab, ISIS Groups Plotting to Carry out Attacks Arrested

Addis Ababa -The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) disclosed that it has arrested 14 Al-shabaab and ISIS members on a mission to carry out terrorist attacks on various targeted areas in Ethiopia, including the capital city. Al-Shabaab and ISIS sent their members to Addis Ababa and various parts of the country to carry out […]