Daily Archives: September 6, 2020

Mali’s Junta to Hold Transition Talks This Weekend

The junta that seized control of Mali in a coup two weeks ago will hold transition talks this weekend with political parties and civic groups, including the June 5 Movement that launched a protest movement that eventually led to President

Cameroonian Christians Leave COVID-19-Doubting Churches

YAOUNDE – Christians have left Cameroonian churches that claim COVID-19 does not exist. The defecting Christians say they saw some who obeyed church instructions to ignore barrier measures infected or dying from the virus.  Christians are being accepted into other

One Year After Gambella Murders, Action Against Hunger Renews Call for Justice

On September 5, 2019, two Action Against Hunger staff members in Ethiopia were ambushed and killed by unknown perpetrators dressed in paramilitary uniforms. Our colleagues, Khat Top Gatluack and Alebachew Yemam Muhuye, worked each day to provide lifesaving support to

Ethiopia to Start Manufacturing COVID-19 Testing Kits

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will begin manufacturing its own COVID-19 testing kits in a bid to enhance national testing capacity, Ministry of Health announced. Speaking to ENA, State Minister of Health Dr. Dereje Dgumma said preparations are underway to develop a