Daily Archives: March 19, 2020

WB Group Increases COVID-19 Response to Sustain Economies, Protect Jobs

The World Bank has approved an increased 14 billion USD package to assist companies and countries in their efforts to prevent, detect and respond to the rapid spread of COVID-19. In a statement it issued yesterday, the World Bank

First AfCFTA Secretary-General Says Trade Area Will Significantly Boost Continent

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will enable the continent to significantly boost intra-Africa trade and help establish an integrated market, Secretary-General of the free trade area said. Following his swearing-in ceremony as the firs...

Unemployment, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation in Ethiopia, National Conference Conducted

College of Business and Economics (CBE) in collaboration with Industry Linkage & Entrepreneurship Development Directorate of Haramaya University conducted the 1st National Conference on Unemployment, Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation in Ethio...

Institute Working to Scale-up Livestock Insurance in Pastoralist Areas

Addis Ababa, The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) said it is working to expand Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) for pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in drought areas of Ethiopia.As the livelihood of pastoralists rely solely or...

Refugees in Ethiopia’s camps raise privacy and exclusion concerns over UNHCR’s new digital registration

Editor's note: This piece was written by Tesfa-Alem Tekle, a journalist and researcher based in Ethiopia. It is part of our series on digital ID systems, produced in partnership with The Engine Room. Visit the Digital ID microsite to

Somali refugees in Ethiopia: Melkadida & Jijiga Situational Update, March 2020

in the last 5 years. As of 8 March 2020, the UNHCR/ARRA Reception Centre in Dollo Ado accommodated 747 individuals, awaiting transfer to one of the camps.Presently, the registered refugees stand at 26,878 in the Bokolmanyo camp, 34,357 in Melkadida

Japan Expresses Solidarity to Ethiopia against COVID-19

Addis Ababa, The Government of Japan has expressed its solidarity to Ethiopia in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).In a press statement issued today, Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Matsunaga Daisuke said Japan is firmly behind Ethiopia in the...

COVID-19 Put Everyone at Risk Irrespective of Country or Nationality: PM Office

Addis Ababa, Office of the Prime Minister underscored today that COVID-19, which is putting everyone equally at risk, is not related to any country or nationality.“As a global community, we are each other’s keepers. Let us not let fear