Daily Archives: March 2, 2020

Adwa Victory Exemplary to Tackle Challenges in Unison

The victory of Adwa Victory can be extolled as one the best examples in tackling the widespread challenges of national unity, participant of the 124th celebration said.The 124th Adwa Victory celebrated today in the presence of President Sahlework Zewd...

New Generation Spurred to Recur Courage of Forefathers’ Heroism in Peace Building

Participants of the 124th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa urged the new generation to recur the courage of forefathers' heroism in peace building, unity and poverty alleviation.This morning, huge gatherings of residents, senior government officials...

Adwa Victory a Heroic Symbol of Independence for Africans: Minister

The victory of Adwa is a heroic symbol of independence for Africans and beyond, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hirut Kassaw said. The 124th Anniversary of the victory of Adwa colorfully marked today in the northern town of Adwa,

Nation Commemorates 124th Adwa Victory with a Call to Revamp its Spirit

Ethiopians on Monday magnificently celebrated the 124th anniversary of the victory of Adwa with calls to revamp and strengthen national unity in diversity.The 124thanniversary of the victory of Adwa today celebrated in the historic northern city of Ad...

The Victory of Adwa a Touchstone for Wining over Prevailing Nat’l Challenges: Journalists

The Victory of Adwa is undisputable touchstone for fighting and wining over the prevailing challenges facing the country, journalists said.As part of the 124th celebration of the Adwa Victory, public and private media journalists are visiting the hist...

The 124th Adwa victory under Celebration

The Adwa Victory against the colonial Italian army is being celebrated today for 124th year across Ethiopia.The Adwa Victory against the colonial Italian army is being celebrated today for 124th year across Ethiopia.Thousands of people are gathering e...

The Victory of Adwa Unveils Ethiopia’s Unity in Diversity to World: PM Abiy

The victory of Adwa is the manifestation of the historic moment of Ethiopians to show the rest of the world their sturdy unity in diversity, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.Premier Abiy delivered a message to Ethiopians on the commemoration

Africa Boosts Preparations for Possible Spread of New Virus

KAMPALA, UGANDA - Across Africa, steps are being taken to prepare for � and to reduce the effects of � the spread of the new coronavirus. Testing laboratories are being supplied, quarantine and hospital treatment facilities are being readied for