Daily Archives: December 1, 2019

Gans Hopes Experience and Potential Mix in Dubai

Any of the passengers onboard the Emirates flight from Cape Town to Dubai on Sunday would have been forgiven for taking pictures of the Blitzboksrdquo; with them on the same flight. However, if they were looking for national coach and captain,

AU High Representative Urges Pan-African Body to Convince Silencing the Guns in Africa

African Union High Representative on Silencing the Guns urged the Pan-African body to persuade AU Member States to develop and implement National Action Plans on silencing the guns.The Office of the AU High Representative for Silencing the Guns, in par...

Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice

UNHCR is expanding cash-based assistance so that the millions of people that it serves can meet their needs in dignity, are protected and can become more resilient.Taking a bank card to a cash machine in Beirut, Syrian widow Manar Al