Daily Archives: September 8, 2019

PAGUMIENE: a Month of Mercy, Blessing, Transition in Ethiopia

The 13th month of PAGUMIENE is transition and preparation moment for the New Year celebration and it is a time of mercy of people who were in a lengthy wrangling.Ethiopian calendar has 13 months a year, the 13th month

China’s Universities Exhibition Draws Several Visitors of Ethiopian Students

China's Higher Education Exhibition which was held on Sunday in Addis Ababa has attracted the attention of massive visitors of Ethiopian students.The exhibition which attracted 31 renowned Chinese universities including Peking University will offer sc...

Thousands Turn out to Celebrate National Pride Day

Addis Ababa Thousands of people turn out to celebrate the National Pride Day in Addis Ababa at Mesqel Square today. Various events were held to mark the day, where police and defense forces, nation nationalities, Ethiopian patriots and others have

PM Visits Renovated blocks at Black Lion Hospital

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has paid a visit to the newly renovated eight blocks of Black Lion Hospital on Sunday.During his visit, Premier Abiy expressed his appreciation to all collaborators involved in renovation of the blocks in the Hospital.