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L’Ethiopian Skylight Hotel a été inauguré à Addis Ababa

SHENZHEN, Chine, 31 janvier 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Grand Skylight Hotel, une marque d’hôtellerie nationale réputée de Chine, a lancé avec succès son hôtel emblématique à Addis Ababa, la ville plateforme de l’Afrique de l’Est, avec la compagnie aérienne de renommée

CNH Industrial presents results of 3-year Tunisian Water Management Project

The project was co-sponsored through the Company’s New Holland Agriculture brand together with several prestigious partners. The results were presented at a ceremony held at the Italian Ambassador to Tunisia’s Residence in the capital city of Tunis. Tunis, January 31,

CNH Industrial présente les résultats de son projet triennal de gestion durable de l’eau en Tunisie

Le projet a été porté conjointement avec sa marque de matériel agricole New Holland Agriculture, en collaboration avec plusieurs partenaires prestigieux. Les résultats ont été présentés lors d’une cérémonie qui s’est tenue à la Résidence de l’Ambassadeur d’Italie en Tunisie,

Ethiopian Skylight Hotel inaugurated in Addis Ababa

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Grand Skylight Hotel, a renowned home-grown hospitality brand in China, has successfully launched her flagship hotel in Addis Ababa, the hub city of East Africa with world-acclaimed Ethiopian Airlines. This move signifies Grand

Ambassador Bodde’s Meeting in Libya

Ambassador Peter Bodde led an official delegation to Misrata for a meeting with the Minister of Interior Fathi Bashaga, Central Military Zone Commander Major-General Mohammad Haddad, and other military officials.Discussions focused on efforts to ensur...

Ethiopia to Conduct Population, Housing Census in April

Addis Ababa Ethiopia to conduct population and housing census for the 4th times from April, 7-28, 2019, according to the Central Statistics Agency (CSA).Speaking at the official announcement of the census date today, General-Director of the Agency, Bi...

WHO: Cervical Cancer Preventable, Can Be Eliminated

GENEVA Ahead of World Cancer Day (February 4), the World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for accelerated action to eliminate cervical cancer, a preventable disease that kills more than 300,000 women every year.Cervical cancer ranks among leading c...

Agriculture Sector Newsletter #5, Dec 2018

The DRM ATF meeting was held at the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) on Thursday 24th of January and was attended by more than 40 members. The main topics were pre Meher harvest forecast, Humanitarian Needs Overview and next steps for