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Sit-ins at airports, 'stand-ups' at White House as Trump and Bannon rewrite rules

Washington: Funny people, these Americans - there was no mistaking during the election campaign that given his druthers, Donald Trump would go after Muslim refugees and migrants, and yet just a little more than half of eligible voters could be

Amid Rising Global Discontent, States Must Partner with Young People to Create Equitable Future, Speakers Tell Economic and Social Council Youth Forum

Convening amid a backlash against globalization, expanding economic inequality and marked shifts towards nationalism and isolation around the world, the sixth annual Economic and Social Council Youth Forum opened to hundreds of Government representatives and youth delegates today with an

Statement by United Nations Secretary-General

The following statement by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was issued today:

On my way back from Ethiopia � the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa that for decades has been keeping its borders open to hundreds of thousands of refugees from its


Ethiopia is among the winners of the 2017 African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) Awards for Excellence for showing commitment and innovation in the fight against malaria.According to a media statement issued by the ALMA here Monday, Ethiopia is one of...

Closing borders to refugees based on nationality is wrong: UN chief

Countries which close their borders to refugees on the basis of religion, ethnicity or nationality are acting against shared "fundamental principles and values" according to the UN chief.In a statement issued on Tuesday, Secretary-General Antonio Guter...

African Leaders Preach Unity in Readmitting Morocco into AU

ADDIS ABABA � The African Union has welcomed Morocco back into the continental body after more than three decades away. Even though the transition may not be smooth, African leaders say a united Africa is more important than ever in


Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam has emphasized the importance of developing Africa's renewable energy sector as a critical power source for the continent's industrialization.Addressing the first meeting of the Board of Directors of African Renewab...

Millions of people face food shortages in the Horn of Africa

With as little as one-quarter of expected rainfall received, widespread drought conditions in the Horn of Africa have intensified since the failure of the October-December rains, FAO said today.Areas of greatest concern cover much of Somalia, north-eas...