Red Cross Society to Hold Fund-raising Bazaar, Exhibition for Compatriots Affected by Drought

Addis Ababa January 01/2016 Patron of Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS), President Mulatu Teshome announced today that the Ethiopian Red Cross will hold a bazaar and exhibition to collect over 4 million birr for compatriots affected by drought.

The bazaar and exhibition would be held from May 7-11, 2016.

President Mulatu Teshome called for the involvement of various governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses and the community at large to collaborate for the success of the fund-raising scheme.

The Society has played vital role in rendering the necessary humanitarian aids during the past three decades when the nation was struck by famine and drought, the president noted.

ERCS has been celebrating its 80th anniversary evaluating its performances in fund raising under the theme “Give life” with the prime target of enhancing its future performance, the patron stated.

Secretary-General of ERCS, Firehiwot Worku said on her part ERCS, in collaboration with sister organizations, has allotted 20 million birr and been providing support for vulnerable children and mothers in the current drought.

She further pointed out that the Society will support 10 percent of the 1.7 million vulnerable children and mothers the government has disclosed in the humanitarian requirement document.

The Ethiopian Red Cross Society has 5.2 million members throughout the nation

Massive plan set to improve urban services

Addis Ababa Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MoUDH) and universities in the country have formed a cooperation consortium forum with a view to enhancing services in urban areas. The establishment of the forum follows discussions with relevant …

Hailemariam promises more support to Jubaland

Addis Ababa January 1, 2016 Jubaland has been assured of persistent support package from Ethiopia in the areas of peace and security.

Ethiopia’s further support to Jubaland was announced while the country’s President Ahmed Mohamed Islam met with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in Addis Ababa on Thursday.

Prime Minister Hailemariam received the president at this office assuring him of more Ethiopian support in ensuring peace and stability in the country.

Hailemariam said Ethiopia will partner with other countries in Africa to strengthen collective support to Jubaland.

Girma Temesgen, Director General of African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, briefed journalists after the meeting of the leaders that Ethiopia will render essential help to Somalia to strengthen the capacity of the existing internationally accepted government of Somalia.

The director said Ethiopia will work along with the Somali people to make election 2016 democratic and participatory among the Somali people.

President Mohamed stated that he exchanged valuable ideas with the Prime Minister on ways of consolidating the fight against Al-shabab and to maintain the prevailing peace and security in Somalia.

The president explained that agreement has been reached to work together with the Ethiopian government in rebuilding Somalia.

Center Set to Advance Diagnosis of Livestock Diseases in GTP-II

Addis Ababa January 1, 2016 Targets in the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) include advancing the diagnosis and investigation of major livestock diseases in the country, according to the National Animal Health Diagnostic and Investigation…

Ties with Asia, Oceania Countries proves successful

Addis Ababa Ethiopia’s relation with countries of Asia and Oceania is proving successful and has resulted in fruitful exchanges in trade and investment, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Genet Teshome, Asia and Oceania Countries Affairs Directorate Director at the ministry told ENA that Ethiopia is highly benefiting from trade and investment ties with countries in the region.

The official also spoke of intensified activities targeting the country’s export capacity and transforming its manufacturing sector so as to balance the trade volume between China and Ethiopia.

”Currently, the total trade volume of the two countries has reached six billion USD,” Genet said.

Citing the growing exchanges in the investment sector, he said: “investment volume between the two countries has reached into 2.8 billion USD.”

Activities are also underway to expand exchanges in investment since a number of Chinese business persons are undertaking investment activities in the country.

Ethiopia and China have signed 16 agreements that enable them to work in diplomacy, infrastructure development, and trade, among others, which the official said is expected to consolidate trade and investment ties between the two countries.

The two countries also signed loan agreements meant to support Ethiopia’s road, oil and gas projects and small-scale industries.

The finance obtained through loans will be used to fund six projects including the Ethio-Djibouti railway project, power supply, road development, installation of natural gas pipelines and building capacity of small enterprises.

Investment Commission Planning and Policy Study Directorate Director, Nigussie Gurumu on his part said activities are well underway to strengthen trade and investment cooperation between the two countries.

”Shortages of land and funding, infrastructure facilities, power interruption, among others are the major problems that we identified,” he said referring to challenges in further expanding the cooperation.

The government and other stakeholders have been undertaking various activities to work out such problems which hinder progresses in the bilateral exchanges, he added.

According to official documents, Ethiopia envisions constructing nine industry hubs and additional shades during the second growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-2) period.

It was indicated that Ethiopia has strong bilateral ties with Asia and Oceania countries which includes China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and United Arab Emirates.

Banks Ready to Start using New Standardized Cheques on January 1, 2016

Addis Ababa The National Bank of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Bankers Association issued a press release stating they are ready to utilize the new standardized cheques system to be implemented effective January 1, 2016.

The press releasestated that the latest move by the financial giants would help increase safety and efficiency in the financial transaction among the banks.

The press release notes that during the first six months period both the old and new systems will operate concurrently with 48 hours clearing time as per the current setting for the bank branches of Addis Ababa.

In a press briefing he gave here on Thursday, National Bank of Ethiopia’s DeputyGovernorGetahun Nana said the new standardized cheques system project is among the projects to be implemented by NBE to modernize the nation’s payment system and to ensure efficiency and security.

Accordingly, new cheques system being efficient it would help facilitate commodities exchange and service while the old cheques system of all banks have no common security, no MICR code line, there is no uniform size and contents.

According to Getahune, the new system would help avoid fraud and fake cheque while it would also help banks expand cheques clearing process that was confined to Addis Ababa to expand across the nation.