Three CBE Employees Charged With Misrepresentation, Maladministration

Three employees of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), Birtukan Mengistu Ketema, Melat Bezuneh Belachew and Gifti Gemechu Tumesa, are charged with fraudulent misrepresentation against

the customers and the government by the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission to the Lideta Federal High Court 15th Criminal Bench.

As the charges brought by the FEACC indicate, the first defendant, Birtukan Mengistu, has allegedly deducted 111,990.88 Birr from two different checks brought to her by the employees of the department of logistic at the Ministry of Defense to be deposited in the accounts of the two employees. Instead she deposited the money into a different account said to be the individual’s account that she had bought a house from.

The other two suspects are charged with collaborating with the first suspect. The second defendant is charged with knowingly leading the customer to believe that the first defendant had the authority or capacity to open an account while she was well aware of the fact that she does not and that it is not the right procedure of the commercial bank to send customers to the auditor, which the first suspect was.

On Thursday, the 15th Criminal Bench presided over the cases to hear the preliminary objections of the suspects on the charges and their pleas. The suspects have provided their preliminary objections while they have also pleaded not guilty. The court has already allowed the suspects to follow their case on bail. Finally the court adjourned the case for April 1 to hear the responses of the prosecutor on the preliminary objections of the suspects.

Source : The Reporter

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