The New Climate Economy Launched in Addis Ababa

The New Climate Economy was launched on Thursday (March 6) in Addis Ababa with the aim of promoting sustainable economic development and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

The NCE is a research project initiated by seven countries, including Ethiopia, to supply adequate and reliable evidence so as to help governments, communities and businesses achieve economic development while combating the risks of climate change. It is the flagship project of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, founded by Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The objective is to put forward recommendations on actions that can help countries attain economic prosperity along with combating climate change. The Commission will give a report on the work of the New Climate Economy in September 2014 to the Leaders’ Summit on Climate Change. The launching ceremony of the project was attended by New Climate Economy Programme Director, Jeremy Oppenheim, Ethiopia’s Minister for the Environment, Belete Tefere, and the United Kingdom Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Greg Dorey.

Mr. Oppenheim noted Ethiopia’s commendable efforts in achieving low carbon economic growth and its efforts towards realization of a carbon neutral economic model by the year 2025. He emphasized that the New Climate Economy would provide best practices from other emerging economies, including China, India and Brazil. Minister Belete expressed his thanks for the launch of the project in Ethiopia and underlined the pivotal importance of “well organized and effective common action” to realize Ethiopia’s ambitious Climate Resilient Green Economy Initiative.

Dessalegn Mesfin, an Executive of Eco-Economy Service PLC, emphasized that the New Climate Economy would help Ethiopia develop new technologies to fast-track and strengthen steps to develop the green economy.

Firew Bekele, senior associate research fellow at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute, noted that the New Climate Economy had a research program in Ethiopia to assist efforts to improve agricultural productivity and other development projects in harmony with the environment. Agriculture, forests and land use cities energy finance technological innovation and macroeconomics are the major priority areas of the New Climate Economy project, and in Ethiopia it will focus on agriculture, energy, water, forestry, and financing development.

Source : Government of Ethiopia

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