The Comfort of Furniture [analysis]

Endale Tekle, 36, has been excited to surprise his fianceacute by having new furniture in his condominium’s living room.

She has been abroad for six years and now the time has come for her to come back home. This Easter is much more pleasant as her husband-to-be prepares to impress her with a piece of goods he thinks catchy. His dilemma to choose what might be more attractive to his beloved betrothed woman is now settled with a glamorous new sofa in his living room. Visiting the showrooms that are presented with luxurious and fascinating products has been his duty this week. “I have found it a bit expensive, though there is a sale,” he said.

As usual, the holiday has come with its abundant market anyone can find anything out there. From heavy equipment to small goods the market offers a variety of choices. Although many have different interests and feelings towards holidays, changing furniture or restoring some external and internal parts of your house could be an ideal plan whenever holidays approach. Walls can be repainted, doors and windows can get some varnish to regain their original look, and floors can also have beautiful Persian carpet additions in many households. Furniture however remains a more important part of this holiday preparation and new design and modern models invade the market very frequently. And that seems to be a reason behind Endale’s decision to hunt for one in the furniture market. “Indeed, I have other things on the to-do list this time around, but furniture is something unique to bring about a happy mood during the holiday,” he replied.

In fact, furniture is one of the most important items in the holiday market as shops aggressively go on aertisement rampages. Some put out 20-30 percent discounts on their products while others put more and sometimes with some benefits such as transportation and assembly. Hiwot Admasu has been working at one of the famous furniture stores in Piassa, the oldest city center of the capital for five years. Her business gets more populated in the holidays. “Even, those who don’t have the money step in to us to visit on these days,” she said. Despite high competition in the market, in Piassa particularly, shops seem to be busy this time around. “Not bad at all. We are doing well,” Hiwot defends the claim that puts the viability of business in question due to the massive presence of furniture shops in the surroundings. According to shopkeepers from a couple of shops, items are sold every day regardless of the holiday season. “A single item should be sold every day if it happens to be a bad day for the market,” Nuredin Seid, a shopper says. Nevertheless, the pre-ordered furniture market looks most significant in many of the shops. Traditionally, people are interested in ordering furniture they see in people’s houses or is recommended by someone else. “We have some furniture here to deliver by the end of the week as agreed upon ordering,” Hiwot adds. Still the holiday has an impact on the market as people like Endale arrive with a sudden want to have new furniture for the holiday. Moreover, the aerts echoing from the mass media oblige one to hold on the way to have an aantage market from the special sale off. Indeed, 30 percent discount on furniture could mean a lot for many who might have plans to go shopping.

People coming in and out at NH-Bay furniture store throughout the week was proof of that. The aertisement that calls upon the public with 20 to 30 percent discount could have caused the commotion. Moreover, a free transport service for up to 100 km is what some had found to be a great opportunity. “The market should have something special on the holidays.” Fitsum, front-desk shopkeeper says. “I haven’t decided to buy anything yet, but it will be a great opportunity to recommend anyone who is shopping out there,” Sileshi Teffera visitor says. Although a few are announcing their exact percent of discount others have also offered an undisclosed off on some products for the holiday. Despite the trend that relates the furniture market to the festivities of the holiday it looks timeless as newly wedded couples and new housing agents stand by to grab it on the market. Unlike many who associate the viable market of furniture with the holidays, Hailu Gebrehiwot, a veteran carpenter and furniture storeowner says the sprouting furniture market causes high competition amongst companies.

Having been a carpenter for more than thirty years, Hailu analyses the consequences of completion in the market. “Bigger companies should allow discounts up to 50 percent because of quite similar production,” he says. His medium furniture enterprise is yet to offer such a sale as he finds a difficulty to do so. “I can’t do it for the time being. Never,” he says. As a well renowned carpenter in the surrounding he earns quite a good deal of money and has always been crowded by orders. His medium furniture store features assorted furniture with tagged-prices ranging from 1500Br. to 30000 Br. “The major difference might only be the material we use and the machineries,” he attempts to put down the difference between him and the bigger enterprises distinctly. “No more skill gap between us,” Biniyam, senior carpenter adds. As the competition leads the market vividly carpenters are not staying longer in small and medium enterprises. The bigger enterprises often call upon the carpenters who have trained with the smaller one. “This is so dangerous. We might be be out of business in no time,” Hailu tells his concern.

Yes, bigger enterprises are making progress in flooding the market of furniture and allowing the competition to exist around, however there are many hotels and organizations importing furniture. Including cafes with somewhat distinct services are stuffed with chairs and tables imported from China and elsewhere. Although carpenters and enterprisers reiterate that they have the capacity of producing all kinds of furniture and classy models, business people often prefer to import. “I don’t know how to change their minds. What an old customer of mine told me was that the imported ones are light, elegant and durable simply. I think we do have that type of products too,” Hailu attempts to send his message to the wider business community. Indeed, some of the imported chairs look light and elegant. The material used in the production could also be something of quality, but the difference appears to be less, according to carpenters and customers. The swanky hotels in Addis and other towns have well-decorated and stunning internal views with their expensive imported furniture. Cabinets, beds and chairs are gracefully placed in the corners of these showy hotels. One may find it difficult to identify which ones are imported and which ones are locally made. But for someone like Endale having a beautiful sofa in a neat salon is the most important thing. Whether it is an imported set or locally made is not an issue. That is why he decided to replace his worn out sofa with a newly made one to win the heart of his lover during the holiday.

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