Teddy Afro’s Concert Pauses Busy Signal’s

The highly anticipated Busy Signal concert has been postponed to an unknown date.

The original plan for the concert was for it to be held on April 26 at the Millennium Hall. The renowned Jamaican dancehall reggae artist’s concert was aertised on different Medias aggressively only for the cancellation to be revealed two days before the concert.

The organizers blamed the reason behind the cancellation of the concert on the overlap of a concert by the renowned Ethiopian singer, Teddy Afro. With the overlap the organizers explained that they did not want to divide the attention of Addis’ concertgoers.

The speculation and rumors behind the cancellation were related to his anti-gay slurs and the fact that he is banned from transit or travel to the United States, England and Canada. Nonetheless, although this is true, the organizers explained that this was not the reason behind the delay and that Busy Signal is travelling from Jamaica through Bogota and Frankfurt and finally Addis.

To The organizers expressed that they started their promotion before Teddy Afro and did not start the sale of the tickets until the dust settled but finally decided to reschedule it.

The organizers did not hide the fact that they knew it was going to overlap but after doing an intensive survey and research they found out that concertgoers wanted to go to both concerts. For the promotion they spent around 5.2 million birr and related to the rescheduling Busy Signal asked more money, is 10 percent of the initial fee. Organized by Aurara Events, since this is their first event the organizers expressed that they wanted to protect their brand promotion and also allow the concertgoers to be able to make both concerts.

Apart from Busy Signal, the other Jamaican artist Sydney Salmon and Ethiopian artists Jalud, Natty Man and Ras Jhonny and international Dj Sir Dante from Kenya and International field Marshal are expected to perform on the rescheduled date.

Busy Signal released popular songs such as one more night, Night Shift and Come Over and has released five albums which controlled the music charts for a while and sold millions of copies.

Source : The Reporter

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