Shipping, Logistics to Adjust to Export Increase

The Ethiopian Shipping amp Logistics Enterprise (ESLE) says it will strengthen its service to meet the ever increasing export increase of the country,

“The Enterprise has now 13 multipurpose ships and two new tankers raising its global market share from 14pc to 39pc,” Enterprise CEO Ahmed Tusa said.

Opening Enterprise annual meeting with agents in various countries Ahmed said more service delivery strategies and facilities would be in place to ensure its global competitiveness and to adjust to the export volume of the country which is expected to show significant growth.

The Enterprise is handling about 50pc of containerized cargo import with its current present capacity, which was below ten per cent two years back. Although it was facing some challenges from the outset, the multimodal transport system is registering better results in terms of transit time and cost, he added.

“After implementing the new system of moving goods from ports loading to the dry ports in Ethiopia, the dwelling time at Djibouti Port is reduced from over 35 days to one week on the average,” the CEO said.

The Enterprise has increased its carrying capacity from 120,000 to 400,000 tonnes at present, it was learnt.

The Enterprise wants to create awareness among all stakeholders on the dire need to create a huge shipping company for the country in the shortest time possible, Ahmed said.

A paper presented at the three-day meeting underway at Sheraton Addis Hotel briefed its agents drawn from about 40 countries on the Enterprise’s long and challenging journey to reach the present state and future prospects. partnership, the challenges faced and the future directions with the Enterprise.

Source : Addis Fortune

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