Korea Shares Experience With Ethiopia

The third Knowledge Sharing program between Ethiopia and Korea Republic organized by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Korean Development Institute of the Republic of Korea was held in Addis Abeba, at the Hilton hotel on April 14, 2014.

The discussion of the program that focused on the promotion of the export sector, promotion and expansion of entrepreneurship, readiness assessment and road map for the implementation of e-office and capacity building of the Ethiopian leather and footwear sector was headed by Kokeb Misrak, bilateral cooperation director at MoFED on the Ethiopian side and the Korean delegation was led by senior aisor to Korean ministry of commerce and energy: Hee-Beomlee, who is also former minister and ambassador of the republic of Korea to Ethiopia.

The objective of the discussion was to present final research findings with relevant public and private sector experts and high level policy decision makers, to discuss and receive feedback on the consultation papers and to examine and select priority areas of partnership for the 2014 Knowledge Sharing program with Ethiopia.

Source : Addis Fortune

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