ICARDA Launches Research Platform, Sub-Regional Office in Ethiopia

International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) launched a new research platform and regional program for sub Saharan Africa in Addis Ababa.

The Addis Ababa platform is the third next to the platforms in Morocco and India.

ICARDA Director General Mahmoud Solh said the Addis Ababa platform fixes works on ‘the next production systems’ which include livestock, crop and rangeland production systems.

The platform will provide support to countries in Eastern Africa to improve their agricultural productivity and increase income for dry land communities.

It will improve the links between science and improved livelihoods in many Africa’s dry areas.

A key element of the platform is integrated crop-livestock systems.

According to the Director ICARDA has chosen Ethiopia for its Sub-Saharan program because of the confidence they build over the past 36 years.

‘… we feel our partnership, relationship and confidence that we have build and the support we are being given from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research was really the main I would say drivers behind us taking Ethiopia as platform for our work in Sub-Saharan Africa,” he said. Through the sub-regional program ICARDA will work based on the research priorities of the respective countries, the Director noted.

Five countries in the region, Ethiopia, Djibouti, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania are discussing to identify their priority areas.


Source : Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency

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