Fuel Truck Collision Claims Lives

The growing number of road accidents has yet claimed more victims on the afternoon of May 10, 2014 around Gotera between Moha Soft Drink Industry S.C. and A.F building on Dejamach Beyen Merid Street. A fire accident that was ignited by a collision between a fuel truck (code 3 plate number 35597), which carried 50,000lts of benzene, and a minibus full of passengers that was on its way from Kera to Gotera, has taken the lives of two of the passengers of the minibus while three others were injured. The Addis Abeba Fire amp Emergency Prevention and Rescue Agency reached the scene after part of the truck and the minibus were burned but managed to stop the fire from reaching the trailer of the fuel truck that was full of benzene.

Source : Addis Fortune

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