Flintstone Engineering Launches Clustered Light Manufacturing Building

Flintstone Engineering is planning to build an eight-storey manufacturing building, complete with machinery, on a 1,100 sqm plot in Nefas Silk Lafto District, where it has had a workshop for the past nine years.

The building, to rest on a plot opposite the Moha Soft Drinks Plant along Dej. Beyene Mered St. from Gotera to Kera, will accommodate 134 light manufacturing shops in footwear, leather products, apparel and printing, said Biruk Shimelis, deputy manager of Flintstone, at a press briefing called at Saro Maria Hotel near Edna Mall in Bole District, on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Company officials declined to say how much it would cost to build the facility and procure and install the machinery, but construction could begin in a month’s time based on a design by JEDAW Consulting. The cost of the machinery will be 10pc of the total cost of the building, says Biruk.

The selection of the four manufacturing areas is based on a large market size, low consumption of electricity and the amount of space required for their manufacturing products, says Biruk.

The building will have sales shops, manufacturing and maintenance facilities.

The construction of the building will take two to three years after commencement, says Biruk, but Flintstone wants to begin selling in aance by May 17, 2014, with buyers expected to make the payment in monthly installments throughout the construction period.

Flintstone was established in 1991 as a small private construction firm. Its first contract was a weighbridge installation, with 9, 995 Br. Flintstone’s contract portfolio currently stands at just over 3.1 billon Br.

Source : Addis Fortune

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