Ethiopian Security Forces Say They Have Botched Terrorist Attacks Targeting the Capital City of Addis Ababa

The media in Ethiopia reported that Alshabaab plans to bomb some targets in Addis were foiled after the security forces captured a bomber who is suspected to be a member of Alshabaab.

Security officials in Ethiopia say, Ashabaab have at several times tried to carry out bomb attacks inside Ethiopia but were unsuccessful.

Earlier this week, US and Canadian embassies in Addis Ababa issued alerts that terror groups want to attack Ethiopia and Western interests inside Ethiopia.

In October last year, a bomb killed two Alshabaab members who were trying to plant it.

They incident happened at Bole Mekaa’iil in Addis Ababa. Police believe that they were intending to explode that bomb at Addis Ababa Football Stadium where a match would take place.

Source : Dalsan Radio

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