Ethiopia State Minister Dewano Meets With Representatives of Singapore Business Delegation [document]

State Minister Dewano Kedir met on Friday (March 21) with representatives of Singapore Business Delegation led by G. Jayakrishnan, Group Director of International Enterprise Singapore for Middle East and Africa. Dewano briefed representatives of the Federation about the general investment, trade and business climate of the country, including investment policies. He also noted that Ethiopia was an epicenter of numerous investment opportunities, including welcoming people, wide market opportunities, abundant and trained labor force as well as socio-political stability. He stated that Ethiopia highly valued relations with Singapore in order to learn its best practices in various areas.

G. Jayakrishnan expressed that his company would help Ethiopia become hub for trade, businesses, tourism and foreign direct investment inflows. He affirmed that his company would also connect Ethiopia with Singapore-based companies to jointly work in the fields of trade, businesses, investment, information communication technology and energy. Peter Wu, Group Senior Managing Director of one of the Singapore-based companies, indicated that his company would like to work in Ethiopia in the areas of water recycling, wastewater treatment and water management as well as avoidance of water pollution. Desmond Koh, Business Development Manager of CrimsonLogic PTE LTD, noted that his company highly regarded its presence in Ethiopia to participate in the fields of services, information communication technology, business process reengineering, and customs authority. He also added his company was pleased to work with the Government of Ethiopia in E-Government solutions to enhance efficiency and improve decision-making. The State Minister underscored the Government’s commitment to support and guide them to realize their projects.

Source : Government of Ethiopia

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