Dr. Tedros Holds Talks With Spain’s Defense Minister

Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom held talks with Pedro Morenes ,Defence Minister of Spain today (March 15, 2014) at his offices. The two side’s discussion focused on bilateral and regional matters.

Dr. Tedros in his remarks expressed Ethiopia’s keen interest to further bolster its partnership with Spain and in various areas of cooperation. Speaking about peace and security of the Horn of Africa, Dr. Tedros highlighted the positive role Ethiopia is playing to pacify the region. He said” Based on our belief that security and development is intertwined, we are pulling our resources to the fight against poverty. “In relation to Somalia, Dr. Tedros underlined that Ethiopian forces that recently joined AMISOM have liberated five towns in central and Southern Somalia.

He said given the fact that the newly liberated towns were key training and supply roots, the victory of AMISOM forces is crucial in the battle against Alshabaab. He noted that the increase in frequency of bombings in Mogadishu shows the level of desperation in Alshabaab whose forces are melting into major towns as they are losing their gholds in rural areas. In a bid to ensure the effectiveness of the operation against Alshabaab, he said, IGAD countries have agreed to coordinate military operations against Alshaabab.

He also explained Ethiopia efforts in resolving the dispute between the Juba Administration and the Federal Government of Somalia that culminated in a signing of agreement in Addis Ababa that subsequently enabled the formation of the Interim Juba Administration. Dr. Tedros underscored that the demise of Alshabaab requires complimenting the military victory with political efforts aimed at installing civilian administration in a newly liberated areas along with humanitarian assistance to build trust between the government and the people of Somalia.

He noted that Spain assistance is very crucial in bringing peace to the region. Dr. Tedros noted Eritrea’s continues with its destabilizing role in the region and the sanctions imposed on it should be observed till it changes its behavior. He also pointed out the need to put in place effective mechanism to enforce the UN sanctions imposed on Eritra. Discussing cooperation among the Nile Basin countries, Dr. Tedros explained Ethiopia’s avowed stance for cooperation among all the basin countries on the basis of the principle of equitable and reasonable utilization.

He said the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam exemplifies Ethiopia’s commitment to mutual cooperation and benefit of riparian countries. He added that the findings of the International Panel of Experts have confirmed that the construction of the dam would not have any appreciable harm on downstream countries. However he noted Egyptian refusal to accept the findings and engagement on negative campaign against Ethiopia is unhelpful and underlined that continuing with discussions is the only alternative to solve differences amicably.

The two sides further discussed the situation in South Sudan and Central African Republic. Minister Morenes appreciated Ethiopia’s positive role in peace and security of the region. He expressed his government’s desire to further bolster its bilateral relations with Ethiopia. He further reaffirmed Spain commitment to support Ethiopia’s efforts to bring peace and stability within the region.

Source : Government of Ethiopia

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