Dilemmas of a Traveler

I used to think that this social quirk used to be very Ethiopian, but after carefully observing how my friends from other African countries travel, I am happy to announce that we are not alone. Once word goes out that one is traveling overseas, the news travels faster than the plane ride to one’s destination.

People start asking questions, some out of sheer curiosity, others because they want to find out if you’re going to be going near their relatives. What follows after your departure date and arrival city have been made public, is very interesting, to say the least. Relatives, friends of friends, even friends of friends’ friends that you have never met might give you a call. They all have the same simple question: “I hear you’re going to ________ (insert destination), can you please take a few things for my _________ (insert adjective describing familial bond)?”

Source : The Reporter

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