Court Warns FEACC Public Prosecutors

The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission’s (FEACC) public prosecutors received a stern warning for late appearance in court for the high profile corruption case that includes Melaku Fenta former director general of Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) and his erstwhile deputy, Gebrewahid Woldegiorgis.

When the public prosecutors arrived at the Federal High Court 15th Criminal Bench on Thursday it had already started reading the list of the defendants present whose cases would be heard that day. The court’s session was disrupted as the public prosecutors entered and the presiding judge demanded an answer on the reason why the public prosecutors where late.

Responding to the presiding judge’s question, the prosecutors blamed the road construction that is being undertaken around Lideta, which they said prevented them from arriving on time.

After listening to the public prosecutors the judge ordered them not to repeat it adding that the public prosecutor should be better planned and get to court on time. With that the court resumed reading the list of the defendants present.

The corruption charges brought against the defendants have been read to them all most a year ago, however, normal proceedings have not started.

Court, which presided over the case on the Thursday April 24, stated that it still needed more time for discussion in two of the three files the defendants are charged with. However, the presiding judge did not give any detail on which file they have not yet finalized.

During its last session the court adjourned the case for a month to analyze and give decision on the argument by both sides.

The court adjourned the case to May 8 for final ruling.

Source : The Reporter

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