Busy Signal to Perform in Addis

The reggae dancehall icon Busy Signal is scheduled to perform on April 26 at the Millennium Hall.

The renowned singer is famous for his single hit ‘One More Night’ which is frequently played by the DJs of Addis.

Glendale Goshia Gordon, better known by his stage name Busy Signal, will come with 12 members of his crew to perform in Addis, coinciding with the celebration of the Ethiopian Dagmawi Tinsae.

Organized by Aurara Events, the first artists they were thinking to bring were Damian Marley and Nas along with 26 of their crew members, however, according to the organizers, due to technical difficulties this concert is scheduled for Ethiopian New Year’s Eve.

After seeing how Busy Signal is the contemporary leading dancehall artist, the organizers decided to bring him to Addis. Even though the artist has five albums, the songs that are most famous here are ‘One More Night’ and ‘Night Shift’. The organizers believe this concert will give a chance to his fans to listen to his other songs and his 2014 single hit ‘Come Over (Missing You)’.

Even though the organizers did not reveal the amount they paid for the artist to come here, the gate fee will be 500 birr.

Usually when international artists perform, the gate fee is 1,000 birr but according to Beruk Zenebe, manager of Aurara Events, they lowered the price to make it affordable for the masses.

Since this is their first time organizing an event of this scale, it will be an introduction not for a few groups but for a mass which the hall can accommodate.

Born in Saint Ann Parish in the Carribean, Busy Signal, 35 lives in Kingston. Pursuing music at a young age he became the leading artist in the contemporary dancehall scene around 2003. With his hit single Step Out, he was able to control many of the music charts not only in the Caribbean but also in many countries. His tracks ‘Nah Go A Jail Again’, ‘Smoke Some High Grade,’ ‘Tic Toc’ and ‘Unknown Number’ got critical acclaim in the Caribbean and the US. In 2012 his songs were able to enter into the BBC music, ranking 7th. Apart from that he has collaborated with No Doubt’s album Push and Shove and also Major Lazer’s second album Free the Universe in the track Watch out for this (Bumaye,) which controlled the music charts in several European countries.

He has five albums namely Step Out, Loaded, D.O.B, Reggae Music Again, Reggae Dubb’n again.

Apart from Busy Signal who will perform for two hours, international Djs Sir Dante from Kenya, International Field Marshal Ethiopian artists Natty Man and Ras Jhonny are expected to highlight the night. The organizers expect around 15,000 atendees.

Source : The Reporter

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