African Music Awards to Kick Off

The All African Music Award (AFRIMA) is scheduled to take place on October 25 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This music award will be hosted by Nigeria for three consecutive years. This is a music project involving African artists and also African diaspora artists. The aim of this award is to create a platform to celebrate the cultural heritage and values and to strengthen the music industry in Africa.

According to Executive Director of AFRIMA, Mike Dada, Africa is overshadowed by poverty and unrest and this will be a chance to celebrate the culture and civilization through music. This is also a way to showcase African music identity to a wider audience, he said. Apart from that, there are many aspiring artists who have not yet gotten a chance to be heard and this will be one event that will enable them to show their work. In addition, the event also aims at reviving traditional African music. According to Mike, many musicians do not make profit from their music this award will help them establish a structure they can benefit from.

“This is not an award for specific musicians, this is a competition for all Africans. Even though it is not on the same level as the Grammy Awards, it should be close in terms of production and infrastructure,” says Mike Dada.

There are 31 categories divided into regional as well as continental parts. Apart from that it acknowledges professionals who work hard behind the scenes. Some of the awards include Promising Artist of the Year, Revelation Artist of the Year, Producer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Music Entertainment Journalist of the Year.

The entries start from March 28, 2014 and will run until June 20, 2014 the entries will include the video, song and profile update of the artists. In order to inspire the public to participate there will be motivating prizes for participants of SMS voting and event promo ‘Do you know Africa?’

The African Music Summit will precede the AFRIMA award on October 23 and 24 with discussions and finding solutions regarding the growth of the business of music in Africa. The award winners will go on a road show “AFRIMA Bus Tour Africa’ to major cities in Africa and concerts will be held in cities such as in New York, London and Paris under the theme ‘On the Road to AFRIMA ‘and will go on in four African cities Dakar, Kampala, Doula and Johannesburg. The organizers believe this will bring the attention of an international audience as well as create networking opportunities among the artists in the continent.

From the 13 countries chosen to host the music awards, five countries were shortlisted and Nigeria won the bid. The five finalists of the countries were Gabon, South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. Nigeria was chosen to host for three years because of its thriving music industry. This event is expected to be broadcast to up to 700 million viewers across the world on 109 TV stations.

Source : The Reporter

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